Since its inception in 1946, the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM) has undertaken exchanges with institutes of metals and materials in other countries. It has strived to improve exchanges and friendly relationships regarding science technology by jointly hosting international conferences and sponsoring international meetings and symposiums.
Hosting or sponsoring international conferences and symposiums is intended to promote Korea¡¯s science and technology domestically and internationally and provide opportunities for members and engineers to learn the latest research trends and case studies in leading countries of science and technology. KIM supports or holds the following international events:
Support for hosting international conferences (Financial and Advertising Assistance)
Support for hosting international joint conferences
Support for hosting international symposiums and workshops
Other international events for academic exchanges
For the events described above, KIM conducts activities such as collection of manuscripts, registration service, staff dispatch for events, event promotion and schedule notification.
In addition to support for such events, KIM issues ¡°Trends in Metals and Materials Engineering¡± to provide members with global R&D trends, the latest research information, and patent information. Moreover, KIM posts event schedule for international conferences and the related information on the homepage to encourage interested members and engineers to participate in events. As for international publications, it publishes ¡°Metals and Materials International¡± featuring academic papers issued around the world after it takes a close look at them.
Topics of articles in that international publication are related to all fields of metals, and, in particular,specialized fields including mechanical, chemical, electrical, electrochemical, magnetic and optical fields. This publication will expand its coverage and establish itself as a major renowned international journal for metals and materials. Lastly, KIM invites renowned scientists around the world to semi-annual conference to be held in spring and fall for lectures on their research accomplishments. Such invitation is also aimed at displaying Korea¡¯s capabilities of research on metals and materials
Electronic Materials Letters is an official journal of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials. It is a peer-reviewed international journal publishing print and online version. It covers all disciplines of research and technology in electronic materials. Emphasis is placed on science, engineering and applications of advanced materials, including electronic, magnetic, optical, organic, electrochemical, mechanical, and nanoscale materials. The aspects of synthesis and processing include thin films, nanostructures, self assembly, and bulk, all related to thermodynamics, kinetics and/or modeling.
KIM is a member of International Organization of Materials, Metals & Minerals Societies (IOMMMS) consisting of 17 important institutes of metals and materials from 13 countries. It takes part in a ceremony for World Materials Day declared by IOMMMS, and various conferences to enhance friendly relationships between countries and actively be involved in exchanges for science and technology. Member organizations of IOMMMS are as follows:
ASM International (United States)
Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (Australia)
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (Canada)
The Chinese Society for Materials (China)
Federation of European Materials Societies (Europe)
Federation of European Materials Societies--Member Societies (Europe)
Hungarian Mining and Metallurgical Society (Hungary)
The Indian Institute of Metals (India)
Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) (United Kingdom)
Iron and Steel Society (United States)
Japan Institute of Metals (Japan)
The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (Korea)
Mexican Academy of Materials (Mexico)
The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (United States)
Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan (Japan)
Non-Ferrous Metals Society of China (China)
Slovak Metallurgical Society (Slovakia)
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