Trends in Metals and Materials Engineering is a periodical which is published six times a year. It is a kind of science magazine full of special articles worth reading about the research trends in the metals and material fields, both domestic and abroad. It was first published in 1988, and has always consisted of contents worth reading for professionals as well as for non-professionals in the metals and material fields, and faithfully holds to these goals as a representative of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM).
The contents of articles can be changed at any time, and the magazine carries the latest information regarding the hottest current issues in its special pieces and serial articles.
Roughly speaking, the contents of the magazine are as follows.
Special articles (changeable anytime)
Series of projects
Metal world easy to know
Information for metals and materials technology
Introduction of patents
Terminology stroll (inquiry)
Science stroll
Introduction to the company
Institute news
Trends among special member companies
International academic conference news
Public notices
Contents of other academic journals: KJMM, MMI, EML
The magazine carries advertisements from metals and materials-related companies and introductions to various companies in addition to the academic articles, so it can produce an advertising effect with respect to the outstanding technology and manufactured goods of each company. Trends in Metals and Materials Engineering, which keeps pace with the global generation, will function to lay the groundwork for the exchange of information among interested parties as well as for the development of domestic metals and materials fields among domestic industries, schools, and research institutes.
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