Korean Journal of Metals and Materials is a domestic academic journal written in Korean, which publishes outstanding papers reporting research results in the domestic metal and material fields, and which was founded in 1963. The papers published in the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, which has a long history, are selected on the basis of strict requirements, and this Journal, which is published 12 times a year, has become the best academic journal in Korea. The fields of papers published in this Journal are limited to those concerned with metals and materials, and can be divided into the following representative fields.
Phase Transformation
Mechanical Behavior
Corrosion & Surface Treatment
Powder Metallurgy
Plastic Working & Materials Processing
Welding & Joining
Casting/Solidification/Heat Treatment
Smelting & Refining
Electronic Materials
Superconductor & Magnetic Materials
Optical Devices & Energy Materials
Biomaterials & Nanomaterials
Composite Materials
Modeling and Simulation
Material Analysis & Characterization
Biomaterials & Nanomaterials
Historical Metallurgy
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