Title SCT 2020 (6th International Conference on Steels in Cars and Trucks) ȳ(2020.6.14-18 Milan, Italy)
Date 2019-12-23
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SCT 2020 - the most important international Conference on Steels in Cars and Trucks takes place in Milan, Italy (June 14 - 18, 2020).
More than 500 participants from all over the world will visit Milan, Italy to join more than 150 presentations from industry and research.

Bringing the automotive, supplier and steel industries together is one of the two goals behind SCT 2020. This motto reinforces what the modern steel industry is all about: partnerships across value chains being made up of industry, research and development professionals.

The second motto of SCT 2020 is: Future trends in steel development, processing technologies and applications. The ability to steadily innovate one of the traditional and most innovative materials for industrial use is reflected in the increasing amount of steel being consumed across the world. Steel delivers a lot of solutions for solving such future global challenges as living and mobility in megacities or the preservation of material resources due to steels excellent possibilities for recycling.

Extension of Call for Papers until October 18, 2019 – be part of the SCT 2020!
The SCT 2020 topics will be of interest to all engineers from the industrial sector as well as scientists in related disciplines who participate in the event, i. e. the automotive industry with passenger cars, trucks and busses as well as the suppliers and steel industries.
Sustainable reduction of both cost and energy consumption while at the same time improving the safety of vehicles over a complete lifecycle assessment through the optimal integration of steel, design and manufacturing processes plays a leading role in these future trends. The content of the SCT 2020 takes into account the change in driving systems in the global mobility.

The SCT 2020 will demonstrate the progress and advantages in steel manufacturing along the value added chains to reach innovations for sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly vehicles for the future. Contributions will focus on topics bridging research, production of steels, manufacturing of components and their applications.

The Topics:
Steel Components in Cars and Trucks
Manufacturing of Components
New high performance Steels
Modelling, Simulation and Testing
Special Topic: LIGHTWEIGHT forging

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