Title IRC 2019_11th International Rolling Conference
Date 2019-02-14
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Thanks to a long and successful series, the ROLLING conferences have become the premier international event for rolling practitioners worldwide. The target audience embraces the whole metals rolling community: flat and long products rolling, hot and cold rolling and ferrous and non-ferrous rolling. The forum covers product and process topics, encompassing rolled product properties, quality and applications, in addition to design, control and management of mill assets.The Conference brings together rolling practitioners, steel producers, plant designers and researchers and it provides a forum for best practices and state-of-the-art technology. It will also take a look at developments in the foreseeable future. 
This Conference takes place every three years. The last one was in Austria, in 2013 in Italy, in 2010 in China, and the first one, in 1985, in Japan.  

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Topics: Ferrous and Non Ferrous

Hot Strip Mills
Steckel Mills
Plate Mills
Rolling Mills for Long Products, including Pipes and Tubes
Thin Slab Rolling
Strip Cold Rolling, Annealing and Coating Processes
Thermomechanical Processes, TMCP
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
New Rolling Processes
Flat Products, including Coated Products: development, properties and applications
Long Products, including Pipes and Tubes: development, properties and applications
Automation, Measurements and Control Technology


Abstract submission deadline: March 1st
Notification of acceptance: March 21st / 22nd
Full paper submission: June 18th

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