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Date 2018-09-10
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Call for abstracts

Countdown until October 1st 2018


With the HMnS2019 international conference (www.hmns2019.de) we would like to offer a platform for the interactions between scientists and engineers around the world and aims in accelerating scientific discoveries in the field of high and medium manganese steels.

The Collaborative research Center SFB 761 Steel – ab initio in co-operation with RWTH Aachen University and Max-Planck-Institute für Eisenforschung will host the Conference in Aachen, Germany, from April 1st to 3rd 2019. Come and present your latest scientific developments in Manganese steels and discuss with experts from research, academia and industry.

Well known scientists do support our conference with plenary talks. As there are:

Dr. Joo Choi (POSCO, South Korea) "Commercialization of New Advanced High Manganese Steel Products and Manufacturing Technologies"

Prof. Young-Kook Lee (Yonsei University, South Korea) "Internal Friction and DSA of Austenitic Fe-Mn-C Alloys"

Prof. Dierk Raabe (MPIE, Germany)   "From Atomistic Understanding to Engineering Design of Advanced Medium and High Manganese Steels"

Prof. John G. Speer (Colorado School of Mines, USA) "Novel Applications of Medium Manganese Steels"

The conference is a great opportunity for discussions of previous, present and future research on high and medium manganese steel. It provides an interesting scientific program, which will cover all aspects from ab initio-basics to the industrial applications. It offers a great platform for the scientific community as well as engineers to exchange ideas and to discuss current challenges in materials development. Moreover it is an excellent occasion to meet industrial partners from different countries to widen professional contact and to create and establishing new collaborations.

Apply now for your contribution!

Submit your abstract until 1 October, 2018: https://www.hmns2019.de/papers/abstract-submission/  

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